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Lion's Locker Terms & Conditions


The prices for usage are fixed at a price of: 1€ / luggage / started hour and are maximised at the price of 5€ / luggage / day. The daily storage time is valid between the daily opening hours: 8:00-20:00 same day pick up. You are granted a free access during the storage day to your luggage through your own 4-digit code. 


After you closed your belongings the number of locker, the expected storage time will be asked from you and a receipt will be given to you about your storage. The receipt is required when you come back to identify yourself and arrange the payment.


Lion’s Locker is – only in case of safety – justified to check the content of the items and justified refuse keeping items that are too valuable, or have possible dangerous content. The customer acknowledges and agrees that Lion’s Locker and / or any Governmental Authority have the right to open and investigate the luggage at any time for security reasons.


Lion’s Locker does not accept storage of the following items: plants and animals, alive or dead; securities and negotiable certificates (bills of lading, currency, paper money, coins, credit cards and traveller’s checks); other non-tangible securities; material that can be considered as pornographic or indecent; weapons (firearms and bladed weapons); garbage; political material; hazardous materials; narcotic or psychotropic drugs; art objects; antiques; metals (gold, silver in any form and precious stones); bulky goods; documents (tender offers, both public and private, securities, food stamps and fuel coupons, ect.); architectural models; watches.


Electronical products as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC-s storage by other conditions according to discussion.


Lion’s Locker is doing its best to keep your belongings safe providing the following security offers: numeric lockers imported from Germany; the locker is monitored by 24/7 video surveillance with alarm; no damage risk due to the separated lockers; no card, no armband, no key to be lost only your personal 4-digit code. 


By leaving your luggage on our premises and luggage storage, you accept our terms and conditions set in our storage contract and/or in the contract for the provision of different services, on your behalf and / or on behalf of any other interested person, regardless of whether or not you have signed our storage receipt.

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